Program Information


(since staff also do seminar speaking,
field trips,
writing, teaching, research…)

NOTE that most Adventures are designed for
GROUPS of 15-30 and vary with the season
(and Peace River levels!)

So scan the BEST TIMES for VARIOUS ADVENTURES below (clicking the links for details on topics of interest), and click on CONTACT for info and to SCHEDULE your awesome CREATION ADVENTURE!


Best for River, outdoor, and full day Adventures

  • FLORIDA FOSSILS  (collect fossils in PEACE RIVER after 2½ hr hands-on workshop and displays–our most popular program!)
  • RIVER FOSSIL DIG (collect your own Florida fossils and shark teeth in PEACE RIVER after pre-requisite FLORIDA FOSSILS or SHARK ATTACK! workshop )
  • SHARK ATTACK! (identify different sharks from kits of real fossil teeth, learn their amazing designs and what they once ate, and the roles of “Sharks in a Fallen World)
  • CANOE TRIP (where you collect more Florida fossils and shark teeth, etc.)
  • WEEKEND ADVENTURE, or 2-3 days (often the adventures above, plus telescope/astronomy option before overnight stay)
  • CREATION EDUCATION VACATION (CEV) – – For a fabulous Florida Family Vacation, home school HS/college preparation, college credit, CEU for teachers, or spring break, try multiple Creation Adventures over 5 days (Sunday evening – Friday noon) — fun, fact-filled, faith-building fellowship!

SEPTEMBERNOVEMBER (Florida’s Storm Season!)
Best for hands-on workshops and tours/talks–and programs at YOUR location

SEMINARS and programs at YOUR school, church, club…

  • Seminar topics include “Dinosaurs and the Bible” (for ages 5-105), “From Evolution to Creation” (Dr. Parker’s testimony), “Science:  the Christian’s Ally”, and many more.


CREATION Q/A (1½ hr TALKS with Q/A contrasting evidence for Biblical history vs errors of Darwinian evolution on topics such as DNA, adaptation, human origins, life before birth, carbon-14, starlight and time, etc.)

GUIDED TOURS (1½ hours with Q/A featuring displays of “Missionary Mammoths,” dinosaurs, giant beaver, sabre-toothed cat, giant ground sloth, etc.)

CLASSES/LABS/SHORT COURSES (So far Astronomy, Genetics, Paleontology, Zoology, have been taken by college students and HS home schoolers, and Entomology and Oceanography by middle-schoolers.)

Best for FIELD TRIPS and out-of-state SEMINARS

  • GRAND CANYON! (Sun. eve-Fri. noon)  On day hikes along multiple South Rim trails (starting with easy!), see (and photograph!) many spectacular evidences contradicting evolution and “millions of years” and supporting the Biblical record of God’s design (Creation), ruined by man’s sin (Corruption–Darwinian struggle and death), devastated by Noah’s flood (Catastrophe), restored to new life in Christ!
  • Watch for future field trips (e.g., FLORIDA KEYS AND EVERGLADES) posted here, and see also CREATION EDUCATION VACATION (CEV)
  • SEMINARS (click to see topics) can be done for college classes and short courses and for churches, schools, and summer camp programs
  • COLLEGE SHORT COURSES for 5 of the past 7 years, Dr. Parker has done intensive 2-week short courses in August for BOSTON BAPTIST COLLEGE (Environmental Science, Life Science, and Earth Science, each described in a detailed syllabus).  Check BBC’s website or call Dean Gillming for availability August 2015.  (Simalar courses could be done for colleges with a Jan. “Winterim,” either at the Museum in Florida or on the college campus.)


Hand on! Eyes on! Minds on!