Checklist for River Fossil Dig


I.  Arrive on time at the appointed Time and place.

Payment for group is due the day of the tour.  Please turn in cash or check

(to Creation Adventures Museum) (no cards).

II. What to Bring  For Day Fossil trips:

If you are going on the River Bank Fossil Hunt you will need:

A.  Sack Lunch,plenty of drinking Water for the outdoor activity, and snacks.

B.  ENCLOSED Water shoes or old pair of sneakers.  NO FLIP-FLOPS!   These do not stay on and do not protect your feet from harmful objects in the river/broken glass, metal, etc.)

C.  Wear RIVER CLOTHES you can get wet in (swim wear under old shorts and top are great!)

D.  Towel and Extra outfit and shoes for changing afterwards for the ride back.

E.  SUNSCREEN for Protection from Sunburn.

F.  Optional:  Hat for sun protection.

G.  Plastic (grocery) sack in which to put wet river clothes and shoes.

III. The Museum will loan:

A. Fossil Hunt Tools: screens and shovels to borrow.

B. Pouches for collection for each student to borrow.

C. Plastic zip-loc sacks for fossil take-homes for each student.

D. Extra gift from the Museum.

E. Museum Tour and Introduction to the Four C’s of Creation.

F. Orientation Workshop on Florida Fossils is required pre-requisite to River  Hunt and includes:  hands-on Demos and kits + visual presentation and displays with a Biblical Creation emphasis and many scientific evidences.  Persons with other views will be treated respectfully.

G. Trip (in your vehicle) to a nearby river or creek bank to search for fossils.

H. Expertise of Fossil ID is provided by our highly qualified staff both on the River and at our “show and tell” and data recording session afterwards.

I.  Book-and-Gift Shop available.

IV. NOTES:  *Fossil Hunting for vertebrates on Peace River requires a state  permit , and the Museum staff have the permit necessary for this group activity.

*Shark teeth collections are not under State permit requirements.

*The Museum has the right to claim or borrow for a time any collected items by those attending the tours.  This is very rare, but the State Museum may want to see unusual finds.

 NOTE :  Of course, outdoor activities are always subject to change due to River conditions and weather, with substitution of  alternate activity.

We look forward to a great time together as we look at God’s world in the light of HIS WORD. We provide Adventures your students will not soon forget!


“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth . . . .” Eccl. 12:1a
“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth . . . .” Eccl. 12:1a

Hand on! Eyes on! Minds on!