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Gary Parker

Dr. Gary ParkerDr. Gary E. Parker is Chief Science Educator and Co-founder of Creation Adventures Museum. He has a B.A. in Biology/Chemistry(high honors) from Wabash College, Crawfordville, IN, an M.S. in Biology/Physiology, and an Ed.D. in Biology with a cognate in Paleontology from Ball State University. Dr. Parker earned several academic awards, including admission to Phi Beta Kappa (the national scholastic honorary), election to the American Society of Zoologists (for his research on tadpoles), and a fifteen-month fellowship award from the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Parker has written five secular books including: The Structure and Function of the Cell, DNA: The Key to Life, Mitosis and Meiosis, Heredity, and Life’s Basis: Biomolecules. Dr. Parker’s master’s thesis concerning amphibian endocrinology was published in Copeia and a summary of his doctoral dissertation on programmed instruction was published in the Journal of College Science Teaching.

He has taught biology at Eastern Baptist College, Dordt College, Christian Heritage College, Clearwater Christian College, and the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) Graduate School. At present, in addition to his duties with Creation Adventures Museum, he serves as an adjunct professor with ICR.

Over the last 20+ years, Dr. Parker has authored or co-authored 15 books on origin related topics. Examples include:What is Creation Science, Creation: Facts of life, Life Before Birth,Fossils: Key to the Present,Exploring the World Around You, etc. In addition, he has appeared in numerous films/TV programs and has debated and lectured worldwide on creation. He also served as Senior Lecturer with Answers in Genesis (AIG) in Cincinnati, Ohio from its beginning in 1994 until 1999. Dr. Parker has always been a sought after speaker because he began his career as an atheist and evolutionist and is an excellent communicator of sometime difficult concepts and data.

Five programmed science textbooks
DNA: the Key to Life
The Structure and Function of the Cell
Mitosis & Meiosis
Life’s Basis: Biomolecules (also in Spanish)

Children’s Think-Along books
Dry Bones and Other Fossils (12 languages)
Life Before Birth
Skeletons in Your Closet (Human Origins)

Two-Model Textbook Supplements
The Origin of Life (also in Dutch)
Fossils: Key to the Present

Christian Textbook Supplements
Exploring the World Around You (Ecology)
The Fossils Book
The Complete Zoo Adventure:
A Field Trip in a Book

Teen/Adult Books
Creation: Facts of Life
What is Creation Science?
Creation Foundations, Volume I

Mary Parker

Mrs. Mary ParkerMrs. Mary Parker is Curator and Co-founder of Creation Adventures Museum. She and Gary married in 1962, and now have four wonderful grown married children and ten grandchildren. Mary discovered her love for fossil hunting during her husband’s early educational career. Since that time, she has become a phenomenal amateur paleontologist. She has hunted fossils and participated in fossil digs around the world, from Australia to New Zealand, Japan, England, and across the United States and Canada. She has an extensive fossil collection, from which much of the Museum’s display has been borrowed.

Mary has been in on the foundation of several museum projects, including the Institute for Creation Research Museum of Creation and Earth History in the San Diego, California area, and the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in the Cincinnati area. She was co-founder of Clearwater Christian College’s Florida Creation Science Center. With these museums/science centers she developed the popular discovery workshops (called the Creation Adventure Workshops) which continue to the present day as a tremendous educational tool for hands-on learning.

While at Clearwater Christian College, Mary received a certificate for her participation in the National Junior High Teachers Program, workshops sponsored by the National Science Teachers Program. Beginning in 1992 she became co-field director along with her husband Gary for the very exciting ultimate fossil adventure canoe trips, the Fossil Floats sponsored by the Creation Studies Institute (supported by Coral Ridge Ministries of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida).

Mrs. Parker has touched the lives of many young people through her numerous workshops, her mentoring of young college students interested in science education, her general love of science, her exuberance for field work, and her dedication to God and family. She has grown to be an expert on Florida fossils, co-authoring the still popular Dry Bones and other Fossils and The Fossil Book which emphasizes the Florida fossils. This and her love for the Lord and His Creation makes her perfect for the job as Curator of our Museum. We thank God for her!

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